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Putting the Power Back Into Your Hands

Understanding Deregulation 

Deregulation puts the power of choice back into the hands of consumers. Thanks to the National Energy Policy (1992), the Energy Policy Act (2005), and other energy reform policies, consumers in 15 states now have the option to choose which energy provider they work with based on the best rate. After these policies were passed, new electric companies such as North American Utilities formed across the U.S. and have helped consumers lower their energy bills ever since.     

Providing the Best Energy Rates

Deregulation allows consumers to purchase their electricity from Retail Electricity Providers (REP) or from state-appointed utility companies. These energy providers provide their clients with competitive rates, specials, loyalty plans, and more, to entice their consumers to choose their company. .    

Before Deregulation

Before deregulation was put into place, energy providers and home energy suppliers were involved in monopolies across the U.S. This meant that if you wanted to buy electricity, you had only one electric utility company in your area to purchase from. This changed after the energy crisis in the 1970s when Congress decided to deregulate and open the market.   

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